Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Java Home Monitor Application

New Open source application is released..


In summary :

This application used to monitor your home via email using your USB web camera and microphone , there is a lot of configurations to customize it upon needs. A motion detection is also supported.


* Use USB web camera and microphone
* Work while computer is locked
* Differentiate between capturing the image/audio and sending them in email as attachments
* Configurable for customization of the needs
* Motion detection to send out of configuration shots.
* Can send emails using gmail user account.
* Captured media stored in specified directory and send some according to the configurations.
* Depends on LTI-CIVIL for accessing the USB camera:
* You can download the library and pick the needed library for the operating system
* Run over any operating system.
* Tested well in Java 5 , still there is issue in email sending with attachment in Java 6.
* Optionally Play sound/recorded message on repeated motion detection.
* Wait for configurable time before start capturing.
* In Version 1.1 (1) a new configuration item to delete old picture if new matched it.
* (2) Also FTP Support is added.

Future Enhancements:

-Detect motion detection in voice files ..
-Send video files (combined video+audio).
-Send SMS through any free gateway.


  1. I am not able to run it .plzz help me when i click on run as -->java application a popup window opens and there are so many options which option to choose?

  2. I have no idea ? this is command line application and it should work in peace.

  3. Osama do you have Skype , msn , E-mail address by which we can contact you ?
    hope to get a prompt reply , have a nice day :)

  4. hi Osama ,please i have one Q tell me if i can to display two camera in same time?

  5. You should be able to do that without any issues as long as they are all connected to the USB slots , you need just to check the code as current code pick and uses 1st one only.

  6. Great project to start with my final year project.but its lack of documentation.and i it seems i cant find webca.bat . So if u pls mr Osama could help me.thanks

    1. what sort of help do you need ? also the project has java docs and inline comments :)