Friday, November 5, 2010

New Open Source : Java Web Chat Module


This project aim to develop a plug-in module for ready use in Java Web application with a little effort, it has many ways to persist the account details (XML vs DB) and it can be used as a standalone application for "Support services" in the web sites.


* Web Chat Module
* Ajax based
* Support UTF-8 (for multi-lingual)
* Standalone Service or Plugin in your web site
* Easy customizable, account management is left to implementer
* XML-based account management is the default, you can use DB instead.
* Easy icons customization and adding more themes to it.
* Performance is good and least memory consumption.
* Support emoticons
* Sound is supported in IE (only currently, can be fixed later with HTML5)
* Messages failed to deliver returned to the sender.

Project URL:

The module is easy customizable and fit into any Java web application (or non-Java) and can be used as a standalone chat gateway.

Source code in a Netbeans project can downloaded here.