Monday, August 29, 2011

A Game from My Old Papers!

Space Hero! a nice trial to do game development using my knowledge in Visual Basic.. I just discovered this game during searching in my old files, it is not that nice but it was one of my initial trials in the year 1998 :) this make it valuable for me :)

Here is some snapshots of this game:

This is the game developers team ! me and graphics my brother Sameh (he was just 11 years old at that time)..

The game was talking about a spaceship that stole a man to save the world ;)

This is the initial game levels outside the castle, as you can see there is a trial to do the game as 3D using 2D simple components :) some effects like user health similar to the famous Doom game at the time!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Log Files Filter Utility


This open source project aim to filter the log files according to certain criteria and produce small piece of log file according to the given criteria , this is very useful in case of huge log files.

The output is another log file according to your needs (time range + search /exclude keywords).


Here is some of the supported features:

* Parse and filter huge log files using time range.
* Configurable log file date/time format.
* Filter by keywords or exclude lines with certain keywords.
* Can filter errors only in this time range if needed.
* Optionally zip the output file.
* The only mandatory parameter is the log file name, if date is missing today date will be used, start time default to 00:00:00 , end time default to 23:59:59 (both are configurable)



-Ffilenanme : specify the log file name, the only mandatory parameter
-Ddate : specify the date in the log file
-Ttime : specify the start time and end time in the log file (1st T for start time and 2nd for end time)
-Ooutput file : specify the output log file name
-Skey : to search for this key in the log and construct the output file
-Xkey : to exclude the lines contain this key word from the log and construct the output file
-E : if you want the Errors only, this will have no effect if search/exclude parameter is used.
-Z : if you want to zip the output file
You can use either -E or -S or -X and -S or -X has the superiority over -E

The default log file date/time-stamp is "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" , you can configure it according to the log file used format.

**Example :

java -jar LogFilterUtility.jar -Z -E -Sstuck -D2011-08-10 -T04:00:00 -T06:00:00 -Flogfile.log

Future Work:

- Split log file according to specified max size of each split part.
- Export HTML file to color the log file according to the log level.