Monday, October 22, 2012

"Hit The Ball" .. Android Game

I have published 1st version of my game "Hit The Ball" over Android platform.


Here is the link for the demo version :

And this is the link to commercial version :

The game is based on HTML 5 technology and use Java Script Interface for some native work.
It uses Box2D implementation as physics engine for the game.

The idea behind this game is you play with a ball and you need to hit the other ball in the scene.
If you hit the other ball , you go to next level, where it get complicated little bit.
You can select the destination of the shoot by your click/finger.
If you didn't shoot the ball , the ball will be automatically shoot to a default location.
If you pick small ball you get extra trial.
Pay attention to the speed bar during shooting.
You can resume the game from the last successful level which is auto-saved.

Game screen shots:

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