Sunday, March 11, 2012

HTML 5 Game Development - JDC 2012

Yesterday I gave a session about HTML 5 game development.. It was a very nice experience to give a session out of the Java topics in such conference :)


HTML 5 is the 5th major revision of the core language of the World Wide Web: the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). In this version, new features are introduced to help Web application authors, new elements are introduced based on research into prevailing authoring practices, and special attention has been given to defining clear conformance criteria for user agents in an effort to improve interoperability.
In our session we will cover quick orientation about HTML 5 new features, then we will dig on how to create games using html5 new features, we will cover all basic components of the gaming including: Animations, Interactions, Controls, Effects, Boundaries, Entry Points, Physics and AI rules.
A step by step game development will be covered in this session to guide the attendees about how to create the game and how to package this into a deployable application for different smart phone devices.
Some advanced topics will be covered like using Box2d Physics engine plus AI engine example.



  1. I am exicited about HTML5 but Flash can do all these things html5 can do in a better way.Creating slideshow in HTML5! wow! what, flash did that 10 years ago! It is very easy to create a flash animation, for example a ball bouncing in flash professional in less than am minute. Javascript is a mess when compared to AS3.

    1. Yea I agree with you, it is still too far to reach Flash current level, but being far doesn't mean you shouldn't start :) the future is in our browsers :)
      The good thing now in HTML5 is portability in all available devices.