Saturday, September 24, 2011

Simple Game Development Using Java

Balloon Game :

A simple Java game using the simple standard Java APIs without usage of any engine..

It is very small 10KB (+15 resources like images and sound) for educational purposes to show the Java developers the simple ways to use Java APIs in developing nice scenes without any complexity in the code.

The idea is controlling a balloon away from pins that can cause the balloon to explode.

In the next gaming post , i will show how to do complex Java games using 3D engines and/or Java3D.

The game scenes are entirely configurable , in this release i have made 11 scenes (from 0 to 10) but you can edit the property file to add million of scenes without the need to change any line of code in the game.

Download URL:


  1. I dont know how to play the game
    I dont know how to restart the game

  2. Fire=Space bar to start ...
    ESC --> Exit.

  3. That game seems to be very interesting to play. Nice one!