Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Multi-scenarios video format - New Proposal

A New new video format (.msv) proposal where msv stands for multi scenarios videos...


New proposed video formats consist of header and body:

Header Composition:
The header describes the video multi-scenarios , scenarios are tree-like structure..
-No of scenarios (example 7) = 7 defined scenarios (at different levels)
-N scenario blocks..

Each block consist of the following:
Scenario ID:Scenario_name:Parent Scenario ID :Start Time:End Time :Reserved
3 digits :80 chars : 3 digits: long :long :10 chars


Once video is played it display fork option just before the for point 10 seconds so user can select it , if no selection default (1st) scenario is played otherwise if selection, video jump to start time of that scenario
If 2nd fork time with 1st fork as parent fork Id-->display valid fork according to parent Id ...etc...

The gain from this idea: it will allow the single video to have different scenarios esp. for educational purposes , also movies can be sold with different prices according to the selected scenarios count..

Also it will change the stories to a new methodology of writing them to cover a lot of different scenarios to simulate the actual people behavior..

Some movies that fork at certain points according to user selection..scenarios could have different length as well.
One important feature is the user ability to select all scenarios at start and in that case no scenario forking checks are displayed during playing the video.

2 modes should be supported: multi-videos and single video modes..
In Mulit-videos each scenario is a separate video but in single video mode the whole video is single video with all scenario embedded inside.

Underlying Video-Format:

The format is not related to the video format, it could be any of the current video formats it is a new way to introduce videos rather then store videos.

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