Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Break with some non-technical ideas

Here is some trivial ideas that can be done with no cost:

1) Switch off the car lamps after configurable time with engine switched off , this could be already in some modern cars but we need a small device to attach it in old cars so we don't have run out of batteries in these cars when we forget the car lights.

User must be able to enforce it to open lights again..(reset the timer).

2) Shoes could have shoes enabler with it that have elastic withdraw so one could pull it and wear the shoes then leave it to return by the elasticity power.

3) Mobile should have secret wallet application hold the owner details, and password is given to him after shipping , mobile is activated on particular SIM card after enter this password (or by one item of these details as SIM_ENABLE_PASSWORD), no SIM can work without this info and any OS installation must have this password or mobile OS is not working.

4) Car tires, could be double layered; a nucleus that is connected with one-way valve to the external layer surrounding this nucleus this could reduce the exploded tires accidents.

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