Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Controlled Traffic System Idea

Idea Summary:

Currently the GPS play a good role in identifying the way to drive and max speed over street , in our idea, we will expand this role to take control over the car itself and drive the car to its destination using the GPS and sensors plus GPS data of all cars in the current street, this will resemble the airplane auto-pilot but for cars and allow to minimize the accidents, a computer network will cover all the intelligent cities using wi-max technology and enable the complete control and reaction of the feed given by the current car location, even in case of sudden stop this will be conducted to other cars; this will also fit in the high ways.

Statement of the problem:

The idea help to minimize the traffic accidents between people-cars and car-car , also it execute the speed limit and give more comfort and pleasure the drivers to enjoy the trip without any stress.

Innovation details:

1st we will establish the network of overlapping wi-max that cover all the city or high way where each car is represented by a point.
Once the car enters into the entry gateway, user sits the destination point then it will be automatically switched off from manual control into automatic control where the system controls the car speed and directions.
Continuous GPS feeds to the network are provided plus data collected from sensors over the car sides (motion sensor, heat sensor, object sensor and car speed sensor), the computer evaluates the data and sends the next control statement to the car.
This system will help to minimize the car accidents, force the speed limit and traffic rules, and let the drivers to enjoy their trip.


We need to have speed controlled and direction controlled in the cars, GPS device and some sensors , we will start using this system in the smart cities.


By forcing the car manufacture to include the sensors and car controlled in their cars.
Using 4G network in case it is more stable network.

Other modification to the idea may work.

The best system implementation could be happen in smart village in Egypt similar in other countries.

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