Saturday, April 3, 2010

DICOM To Image

In this post we will go through using some free utilities to convert the DICOM file format; DICOM refer to Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.

For more information about DICOM visit the wiki page:

The Free utility "DICOM2" , can be downloaded from the URL:

It is free command line program, that can covert DICOM into any image format.

To try this example we need to download DICOM samples , an example for these sample files at the URL:

Put dicomm2.exe in the same folder of the images and run the following command:

dicom2.exe -param file

Examples :
1.To covert it into BMP:

>dicom2.exe -w brain_001.dcm
This will produce .BMP of this image

>dicom2.exe -t brain_001.dcm
This will produce .TXT of this image (i.e. meta-data of the DICOM file)

Example of the output image (brain_001.BMP):

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